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We are specialists in the online sale of swimming pools. In our online pool shop you can access a wide range of products related to the world of swimming pools and water treatment.

If you have enough space and you are thinking of buying a swimming pool for your home, do not hesitate any longer, consult our experts or take a look at our online swimming pool catalogue, we have all the existing varieties on the market: removable pools, steel pools, wooden pools, inflatable pools, paddling pools, children's pools, ...

Demountable swimming pools

The most economical and versatile option on the market, removable pools. Nowadays, detachable pools have become one of the most popular because of their variety of shapes and sizes and their ease of storage in small spaces when the bathing season is over.

They are available in a multitude of finishes, whether they are removable pools made of wood or steel, or removable pools made of plastic, or for the little ones in the house, inflatable and children's pools. The variety, both in terms of finishes and sizes, is enormous. Calculate the space you have available and consult our section of removable pools. Remember that you can finance your purchases online and adapt your monthly payment to your budget.

Pool cleaners

If you already have a pool at home and you need to be sure that it is in an ideal state of cleanliness, in our online pool shop you can purchase an automatic pool cleaner robot that will save you time and guarantee a perfect cleanliness of the entire pool.

Our catalogue of pool cleaners is very extensive, and covers the needs of all types of pools. We have automatic pool cleaners from the best manufacturers on the market, brands as highly valued as Gre or Dolphin, providing the reliability and safety you need to keep your pool clean.

Catalogue of automatic robot pool cleaners

In our pool cleaners section you will find robots for any of the needs that may arise: electric pool cleaners, hydraulic pool cleaners, pressure pool cleaners, pool cleaners for public pools, pool cleaners for removable pools, ...

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Water treatment

Water must be treated according to its intended use. The water treatment necessary to keep a swimming pool clean and healthy is not the same as the water treatment to be carried out for domestic consumption by means of water filters for decalcification and osmosis.

Swimming pool chemicals

We have chemical products for the proper maintenance of your pool water. All the pool chemicals you will find in our shop meet all the required safety standards and are backed by major brands such as CTX and AstralPool.

Not only will you find the most popular chlorine treatments, in our pool chemicals section you will find everything you need to maintain your pool, spa or sauna: flocculants, bromine treatments, pH control, chemical products for salt chlorination, cleaners, anti-algae...

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