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Water pumps

Choosing the right water pressure pump is crucial for the proper functioning of your pool's filtration system. A quality electric water pump will optimize your filtration system.

Active filters

It is essential to have the right pump if you use hydraulic pool cleaners, waterfalls and accessories that require it. The filtration pump is responsible for absorbing the water from the pool and taking it to the filtering system to be purified. For that reason, we must take into account what power it has and check that it is what the filter needs to work correctly.

What is the function of filtration pumps for swimming pools?

Filtration pumps for swimming pools are responsible for moving the water through the filtration system. The water is absorbed through the skimmers, the suction intake of the pool cleaner and the sump, towards the filter. The filter (sand, cartridge, diatom, etc.) will later be in charge of retaining all the impurities in order to return the clean water to the pool through the discharge nozzles.

Calculate which pump I need for my pool

Yes, for example, we have an 8 x 4 x 1.50 deep pool. The volume of this pool is 48 m3 (48,000 liters), therefore, we will have to divide those 48 m3 by 6 (hours of filtration). The result is 8 m3/hour. Once we get this data, it is convenient to apply an increase of 20%, related to the pressure loss. Thus, 8m3/hour x 20% would give us 9.6 m3/h. Therefore, in this case we should choose a pump with a minimum flow rate of 9.6 m3/h.

Types of filter pumps for swimming pools

Among the common characteristics of filtration pumps we find power. This data can be found in CV or KW with the following equivalences:

  • 1 kW = 1.34 hp
  • 1 hp = 0.74 kW

They also have the flow in common. With flow we refer to the amount of water that the pump can absorb or filter per hour. Remember that all the water in the pool must be filtered in a maximum of 6 hours.

Another common element is the prefilter, which will be more or less bulky. This pre-filter is responsible for retaining the largest debris so as not to damage the pump. In addition, the pumps have a high flow for low pressure.

How much does a pool pump consume?

The consumption of a pool pump is always something to worry about. In order to know the exact consumption of the pool, it is important to look at the characteristics of each pump.

Once we know the kW of the pump, we can multiply it by the number of hours it is used. This number is usually between 4 and 8 hours a day. Thus, we will be able to extract the electrical consumption of each pool pump model.

kW (of the pump) x No. of hours of use (usually between 4 and 8 h/day)