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Pool skimmers

If you are working on your pool, buy the right concrete pool skimmer now. If what you are looking for is a floating skimmer, we also have different models.

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What is a swimming pool skimmer?

A skimmer is a suction mouth located on the walls of the pool that is part of the pool water filtering and purification system. We can recognize them because they are a kind of windows in which the water line is located approximately at its midpoint to be able to suck it up continuously and prevent the waste found on the surface of the pool from submerging and remaining in the pool. bottom of the pool glass.

How does a skimmer work

A pool skimmer works by slowly but continuously sucking the water from the surface of the pool, thus collecting floating debris in its internal basket and preventing it from sinking to the bottom over time and its removal from being difficult. more complicated.

The suction produced by the skimmers in a pool is almost imperceptible to a person, and thanks to the movement generated, they increase the amount of oxygen present in the water and reduce the presence of phosphates, thus preventing the appearance and proliferation of algae in the pool. swimming pool. Do not hesitate to buy a quality pool skimmer, they are essential elements to enjoy our baths in clean water over time.

Types of skimmers for swimming pools

The rise of removable pools has led to the appearance of different types of skimmers for these pools. Apart from the classic skimmers, today there are surface skimmers or floating skimmers depending on the type of use that we are going to give it. Skimmers for removable pools are very useful products that allow us to keep the water in our pool in perfect condition.

Skimmer for concrete pool

The skimmers to which we are most accustomed are those used in in-ground pools or concrete pools, they are embedded in the wall of the pool itself and their placement and installation must be carried out during the construction phase of the pool .

Floating Skimmer

Floating skimmers are designed to be used in ponds or aquariums, these skimmers work in the same way as the rest and must be connected to the pool's filtering system. Unlike the skimmers for liner or concrete pools, these are floating on the surface and it is not necessary to adhere them to any fixed part of the pool or pond where we use them.

Surface Skimmer

A surface skimmer is mainly used in above ground pools that do not have holes for the installation of another type of skimmer. Its use is the same as with the rest of the common skimmers, but they are placed attached to the edge of the pool by means of an arm fixing system with a clip or similar.

Parts of a skimmer

A swimming pool skimmer, whatever its type, has two main parts to carry out its task of sucking and cleaning the water from the surface of the pool: a leaf catcher and the window for water suction.

  • Leaf basket: this basket is located inside the skimmer and is where the insects or residues present on the surface of the pool are trapped. It performs a strainer function prior to the filtration of the water by the pool treatment plant. Its cleaning must be carried out periodically to avoid blockages and we can use these baskets for the dissolution of chemical products in tablet format such as chlorine or bromine.
  • Window or gate: the window or gate of the skimmer is its visible part and has a hinged plate that will prevent the debris captured by the leaf collection basket from returning to the pool.