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Swimming pool water treatment

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Active filters

A series of chemical treatments must be carried out, which will depend on the absence of microorganisms and bacteria harmful to health, and physical treatments (filtering and cleaning) to keep the pool ready.

Chemical products for pool maintenance

All swimming pools require different chemical treatments to maintain the water in optimal conditions. For this it is necessary to apply some chemical products.

  • pH control and regulation
  • Swimming pool disinfection
  • Balance the water
  • Control and regulate chlorine

How to properly maintain a swimming pool?

If we start with an empty pool, the surfaces should be cleaned very well with a special pool cleaner, apply for 30 minutes, let it act and then rinse with plenty of water.

Next, we can proceed to fill the pool glass with water.

With analytical strips, check the pH of the water, and with a pH reducer or increaser, adjust it to the correct level, which is between 7.2 and 7.6.

After this, carry out the chlorination with 15 g per m3 of water or if it is in 1 or 2 tablets.

The pH and chlorine must be readjusted each time water is added to the pool.

Remember to apply anti-algae products to prevent the appearance or spread of it.

Recommendations for proper pool maintenance

  • Constantly check chlorine and pH levels.
  • If there is rain, increase the level of chlorine and flocculant.
  • Use clarifier to keep the water crystal clear and clean.
  • Adjust the level of free chlorine or bromine, in the case of chlorine its value is from 1 to 2 ppm and that of bromine from 2 to 4 ppm.
  • Remove falling leaves or insects from the water as soon as possible to prevent contamination.
  • Weekly clean the filters and brush the walls of the entire pool.
  • Do not forget to place the trichlor tablets in the dispenser or, if applicable, the bromine tablets.