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Swimming pool selector valves

Wide catalog of treatment selector valves for swimming pools. The best brands in the sector such as Astralpool selector valve. Buy the right pool valve now.

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What is a selector valve for swimming pool filters?

Selector valves for pool treatment plants are fundamental elements for the correct operation of a pool's sand filters. This valve allows us, by activating a selector lever, to make the water purification circuit carry out any of the maintenance tasks that pool water needs to keep free of impurities and crystal clear for bathing.

What are the functions of a pool selector valve?

Swimming pool selector valves allow us to carry out the following maintenance tasks:

  • Filtration of pool water.
  • Emptying the pool.
  • Closure of the water circuit.
  • Washing of the pool circuit and filter.
  • Recirculation of water.
  • Rinse the pool filter.

Functioning of selector valves for swimming pool filters

The function of the selector valves is to control the pool filter by circulating the water, in one way or another, between the different inlets and outlets available in the filtering circuit of the water. To start up the pool water filtering system, we must first place the selector lever of the valve in the position of the task that we are going to carry out, then we only have to connect the pump so that the filtering of the water is carry out, if the circuit is not automated, we will disconnect the water pump when, according to the time estimate indicated by the manufacturer, the time necessary for the complete filtering of the water in our pool will depend on the volume of water that we must filter.

Below, you can see a pool selector valve diagram to clarify as much as possible how the pool filter selector valve works and what positions they have to keep the water in our pool in perfect condition.

scheme selector valve pool

What does a filter selector valve cost?

The price of a pool selector valve is variable depending on the type of valve and its size. The feature that will make the biggest difference in price will be whether our intention is to buy an automatic selector valve for swimming pools or a manual valve, since this feature is the one that can add the highest cost to the final price of a selector valve for the sewage treatment plant. pool.

In our online store you can buy the pool selector valve you need, whether it is a manual selector valve that varies between €50.00 and €500.00, or if you choose to buy an automatic selector valve for swimming pools, its price varies between €500.00 and €800.00.