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Swimming pool accessories

All the necessary swimming pool accessories: pool exterior material, pool shell accessories, pool lighting and ornamentation, for removable pools...

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In addition, the benefits are many, among them, the safety and well-being of those who use this area, for that reason, we have created this catalog with the best-selling products on the market, with the best brands and without a doubt with the most incredible prices, so you can buy everything in terms of enhancing your space.

Accessories for removable pools

We put at your disposal everything you need to get the most out of your pool. In addition, in our online store we have everything from pool covers with the exact size of most pools that are disassembled, to floor mats, even padded material to plant the pool in the safest way possible.

Accessories for inground pools

The evolution in the world of pools is amazing, and especially in the case of the implements for which they are buried. In our section of this class, you can find a wide variety of these utensils that facilitate its use, keep it clean and provide greater security to its users.

So if you are building an in-ground pool and want to buy the accessories to finish it, we have many available for you, such as:

Ladders for swimming pools and handrails

They are one of the most important objects, ladders and handrails for swimming pools are basic to prevent accidents from occurring, as well as facilitating entry and exit. In addition, the style of handrail or ladder you decide to buy will depend on the type and size of the pool you have. Even in Mercapool, you will get these accessories for disabled users.

Outdoor showers

There are a large number of showers for outdoor pools, in PVC with the option of sprinklers and solar panels that are fully available. Showers are one of the favorite elements of users, for this reason so many models, brands, colors and styles have been designed, in this way, you can buy the one that best suits your tastes, budget and decoration. By acquiring a pool shower you provide comfort to your guests.

Trampolines and slides

If you're looking for a way to add fun to your pool, there's no better way than diving boards and slides. Thanks to their construction, these are quite light accessories but at the same time resistant. In the case of the slides, they have non-slip steps, the same ones that trampolines have on their entire surface.

Accessories for competition pools

There are also products available for Olympic or municipal pools, so we have a wide variety of pieces manufactured by the best brands, which use high quality materials.