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Filter media for swimming pools

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Pool Filtration Media: Guaranteed Purity and Clarity

Keeping your pool water clean and crystal clear is essential to fully enjoy your personal oasis. At MERCAPOOL, we understand the importance of choosing the right filtration media to ensure the purity of your pool water.

ASTRALPOOL: High-Performance Filtration


ASTRALPOOL filter sand is synonymous with performance and durability. With a high filtration capacity, this sand ensures efficient filtration. At MERCAPOOL, we offer ASTRALPOOL filter sand in different formats to adapt to the specific needs of your pool.

Customized Purchase: Explore our selection of ASTRALPOOL filter sand and make a personalized purchase based on your pool dimensions.

ASTRALPOOL Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges are a convenient and easy-to-maintain option. ASTRALPOOL offers high-quality cartridges that trap fine particles and keep the water crystal clear. At MERCAPOOL, we provide access to ASTRALPOOL filter cartridges that ensure clean water with minimal effort.

Specialized Advice: Need guidance on the size and type of cartridge required? Our team of experts is here to help.

BAYROL: Innovation with AFM Glass Filtration

AFM Glass Filter

BAYROL's AFM Glass Filter is a revolution in pool filtration. Offering superior filtration efficiency compared to traditional sand, AFM Glass Filter provides cleaner and healthier water. At MERCAPOOL, we offer this innovative product in 21-kilogram bags.

Exclusive Offer: Discover the effectiveness of AFM Glass Filter with our exclusive offer and enhance the filtration quality in your pool.

GRE: Versatile Filtration Options

GRE Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is known for its ability to capture even the smallest particles. GRE offers high-quality diatomaceous earth to enhance the efficiency of your filtration system. At MERCAPOOL, we provide GRE diatomaceous earth that optimizes water clarity in your pool.

Fast Shipping: Place your order for GRE diatomaceous earth and experience fast and secure shipping to your location.

GRE Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges are ideal for moderately sized pools. GRE offers durable and efficient cartridges that simplify your pool maintenance. At MERCAPOOL, we offer GRE filter cartridges that make the cleaning and filtration process easy.

Competitive Price: Discover our competitive prices on GRE filter cartridges and ensure you get the best quality at the best price.

STEINBACH: High-Quality Filtration Media

STEINBACH Filtering Zeolite

STEINBACH's filtering zeolite is an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative. It improves water quality by absorbing ammonia and other contaminants. At MERCAPOOL, we offer STEINBACH filtering zeolite that raises the filtration standard in your pool.

Excellent quality: The filtering zeolite from STEINBACH impresses with an outstanding quality and filters the water in your pool very efficiently for clean results.

First-Class Filtration at MERCAPOOL

At MERCAPOOL, we take pride in offering a complete selection of pool filtration media that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Shop with us and ensure your pool is always ready for enjoyment. Explore our online store and discover how our filtration media can elevate your pool experience to new heights.

Optimize the clarity of your pool with MERCAPOOL filtration media!