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Stairs for swimming pools

Best price online in stairs for construction pools. Our catalog has a stainless steel pool ladder to guarantee easy access to the pool, whatever its type.

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How are the ladders for inground pools installed?

To correctly install the ladder for stainless steel swimming pools we will have to follow the steps that we explain below:

  1. Before starting with the preparation of the surface, we will unpack the ladder first checking that we have all the necessary parts for its assembly.
  2. Once the ladder is assembled, we will present it in the area chosen for its installation and we will define the place before removing it in order to start preparing the surface.
  3. With the help of a shovel, we will remove the earth from the surface that we have marked to the depth indicated by the manufacturer of the pool ladder and to ensure that we do not suffer current derivations on contact With the water, we will stick a stake in the hole and connect the ladder's ground connection there.
  4. We will present the ladder in the hole we have prepared and make sure that it is perfectly level.
  5. We prepare the mass of cement together with the gravel that the manufacturer recommends and we proceed to fill the hole with it, helping us with a trowel or flatten the surface once it is filled to the edge.< /li>
  6. To give a nice finish we recommend preparing a wooden surface that we will adapt on the hardened concrete surface and place once the installation is finished. With it we will give a different touch to our pool and we will prevent the surface of entry or exit of the pool from being slippery.

To prevent the installation of our in-ground pool ladder from being perfect, we recommend that you carefully follow the recommendations of both the ladder manufacturer and those of the manufacturers of the products used for fixing it to the ground.

Prefabricated stairs for swimming pools at the best price

The stairs for prefabricated pools do not require extra tasks for their installation, we will only have to assemble them and place them in our pool to facilitate access and exit. They are usually scissor-type ladders that once installed have steps outside and inside the water to facilitate entry into the water.

There are also models of more robust prefabricated stairs, which have a platform for access to the water and railings to be able to climb the steps more easily.

Why is it important to have good quality pool ladders?

Pool ladders are important elements in our pool, especially in terms of safety for swimmers. Swimming pool ladders must be elements in which we dedicate enough time and money to be sure that their function is fulfilled correctly and that any bather, regardless of their age, can benefit from their use to enter or exit the water safely. security.

At mercapool you will find different options, we have a wide catalog where you can buy cheap ladders for pools or ladders for prefabricated pools of all kinds and different materials.