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Swimming pool purifiers

We offer you a wide range of swimming pool filtration products. Choose from the main brands of pool filters for both above-ground and large pools.

Active filters

At the heart of the system, the pump circulates the water which is then drawn into the skimmers, through the filter and then through the water treatment systems, before being returned through the discharge nozzles, purified.

The filtration system provides a flow of water that is renewed several times a day, preventing the water from stagnating and becoming contaminated with bacteria and algae.

Filtration adapted to your pool and water treatment

The key element in filtration is the passage of water through the filter. This process works in a completely closed loop. The quality and type of filter are therefore two decisive aspects so that, when the water is in circulation, it always comes out completely clear.

To select the most suitable filter for your pool, the most relevant factors to take into account are:

  • The volume of water to be filtered (volume of the pool, in cubic meters or m3).
  • Needs for filtering and saving water:
    • Sand filters: sand with a fineness of about 40 to 50 microns is used as a filter medium. Requires regular backwashing to maintain peak efficiency.
    • Cartridge filters: one (or more) filter cartridges are used as a filter medium with a high filtration fineness between 15 and 20 microns. Additionally, cartridge filters do not require backwashing for maintenance. All you have to do is rinse the cartridge regularly, with the benefit of saving water (no backwashing).
    • Diatomaceous earth filters: Filtration method that offers the maximum filtration fineness (10-15 microns), but requires more maintenance.

Also, you should know that the sand in sand filters can be replaced by glass. This filter media is a little more expensive, but it offers a higher degree of fineness in filtration (20 microns) and faster washing (saving water).

Choose pump for pool filtration system

A pump that makes the water circulate through the filtration and treatment circuit is almost the “heart” of the pool. There are especially powerful pumps, with greater energy efficiency and ecological: these are variable speed pumps. This technology means they can run for longer, at a lower speed with a lower noise level. In this way, the water recirculates more slowly through the filter, improving the quality of filtration and reducing noise.

How long should the filtration system be in operation?

The pool water will be fully purified when the entire volume of the water has passed through the filter. The greater the volume of the water, the longer it will take to renew the water. Here we talk about recirculation or renewal time.

You should also note that the daily filtration time depends on the temperature of the water. The hotter it is and the more people are using the pool, the longer the filtration will be on.