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Filters for removable swimming pools

We have different options for portable pool filtering systems. Get the best filtration system and keep the water cleaner for much longer. We have different types of above ground pool purifiers.

Active filters

Why is a removable pool treatment plant important?

The treatment plant is the main element of a swimming pool. Having quality water that does not contain germs or bacteria harmful to health depends largely on the purification system of our pool, which is why the treatment plant can be considered the heart of the pool.

What types of treatment plants are there for removable pools?

Depending on the type of filter we can distinguish between two types of treatment plants for removable pools: cartridge treatment plants and sand treatment plants.

  • Cartridge treatment plants for removable pools: they are much cheaper than sand treatment plants, but their filtering capacity is much lower and the filter must be replaced frequently for optimal filtering.
  • Sand treatment plants for removable pools: they are the best option, but more expensive to acquire. Although their maintenance is minimal since they only need to clean the dirt accumulated inside. Its efficiency is much higher than with cartridge purifiers.

How does a dismountable pool filter work?

The treatment plant carries out the following tasks to keep the pool water in perfect condition:

  1. The treatment plant pump sucks the water through the suction nozzle or the pool drain and pre-filters it.
  2. The water, after being pre-filtered, goes through the filter of the treatment plant itself, cartridge or silica sand depending on the treatment plant we have.
  3. The already clean and filtered water returns to the pool basin by means of a delivery pump through another nozzle installed for this purpose.

How long should I put the detachable pool treatment plant?

To know how long the treatment plant should work, we must know the capacity of the pool in cubic meters and the filtration capacity of our treatment plant. With these data and applying the following formula we will know how long our treatment plant should work to filter all the water in the pool:

Pool capacity (litres) ÷ Volume of water moved by the treatment plant = Hours of operation of the treatment plant

How to put a treatment plant in a removable pool?

To install a treatment plant to our removable pool we will only have to connect the two hoses, delivery and suction, to the corresponding nozzles of the pool. Today, most removable pools are sold as a kit, including a purification system with all its accessories, if not, at Mercapool you can buy a filter for removable pools separately.

If what you want is to install a treatment plant in a removable pool of a very small size and that does not have outlets to connect it, you can insert the hoses directly into the water. Keep in mind that by inserting them directly into the water, you must hold them in some way so that they do not come out due to the force exerted by the water when it is sucked in or pushed from the treatment plant.

What are the best brands for above-ground pool filters?

There are many brands that manufacture purification systems, but when it comes to small removable pools, the best-selling brands are INTEX and BESTWAY. They have cheap and very efficient cartridge and sand treatment plants.

If we are looking to have filtering and purification equipment with greater capacity and our budget allows it, the most recommended option is to acquire a GRE brand treatment plant, which has an extensive catalog and they are a guarantee of quality.