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Metering pumps

With an automatic chlorine dosing pump you will have the correct and stable pH in the pool. Take a look at our catalog of products such as pH metering pumps.

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How does a chlorine dispenser work?

The chlorine dosing pumps maintain a constant flow of the chemical at the pool water inlet, for this, the pump sucks a certain volume of water through the dosing pipes and then distributes the chemicals precisely and evenly to later mix it with other components and keep your pool completely hygienic and free of dirt.

Some of the more advanced models of chlorine dosing pumps have a control panel where settings can be made to control the chlorine level, the flow level and the temperature control of the pool.

How to choose the right chlorine and pH dispenser for your pool

There is a wide variety of chlorine dosing pumps, before buy a chlorine dosing device You must take into account the capacity of your pool to properly choose the model that best suits your needs. Chlorine dosing pumps can be used in both industrial and domestic installations and will help you keep the water free of fungus and dirt so you can enjoy baths whenever you feel like it.

An optimal chlorine dosing pump must be leak-proof. Being the injection of chemical products, these pumps must guarantee that these chemicals do not harm the environment due to poor handling.

Based on our tastes, we must decide the type of operation we want for our dosing pump. There are chlorine dosing pumps driven by an electric motor or by electromagnetic systems.

In order not to make mistakes, we must take into account the following aspects to select the dosing pump that best suits our needs:

  1. Necessary capacity: the capacity we need, measured in l/h., for the injection of chemicals.
  2. Hydraulic flow: the pressure that the pump must withstand.
  3. Pump material: the resistance we need from the pump against the work flow it must withstand.