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Water analysis

The microbiological control of swimming pool and whirlpool water prevents the appearance of infections. Buy water analyzers for your pool.

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The water contained in a swimming pool must be treated and cared for continuously to maintain its good health and hygiene. It requires a constant effort to maintain the pool water in the correct conditions, which is why so-called pool water analysis products are used.

Why analyze pool water?

As was said before, the water in the pool must be at the recommended optimal values ​​so that it can be used for bathing. Otherwise, the water could seriously risk the health of people who bathe in the pool, and could also reach the extreme of damaging its very structure, making an environment unsuitable for enjoying and cooling off.

What parameters are taken into account to analyze the water?

Once the reasons for carrying out the water analysis are understood and before fully entering into the products used for it, it is convenient to know the parameters taken into account.

pH of water

This is the indicator that is responsible for measuring the acidity and basicity of the water, this being a chemical characteristic that directly affects the effect of all the chemical products that you are going to use to clean the pool water. The average pH value for pool water should be between 7.2 and 7.6.

Chlorine in the water

This substance is responsible for the elimination of a large part of the harmful microorganisms that are present in the water, and it is necessary that it be applied in a considerable proportion so that it fulfills its disinfection work.

Water mineralization

In this case it is about the quantity or presence of minerals that may be in the water, thus finding that with little mineralization it can cause corrosion in the metal elements inside the pool, and in case of having a high mineralization the water will smell much more and will even have a different color.

Water hardness

This parameter is responsible for measuring the amount of lime that is present in the water, and it is necessary to regulate it since an excess of this could deteriorate the internal piping of the pool and thus prevent the correct replenishment of the water.< /p>