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Swimming pool heating

Heating pool water requires a large amount of energy that we solve by using a heat pump. Heat pool now with any of our systems.

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We have a wide variety of heat pump systems for all types of swimming pools, from the most economical solutions to those capable of obtaining maximum performance with very low consumption. In our catalog you will find heat exchangers to manage installations with boilers and heaters and electric heaters to quickly heat the water in your pool. You can also get dehumidifiers for spas and indoor pools and solar heating, the most natural and ecological way to get heat for the water in your pool.

Heat pumps for swimming pools

The pool heat pump system works like a conventional air conditioner. In this case, instead of heating the air, it would be responsible for heating the pool water.

This is a thermodynamic system that works very simply. It consists of transporting energy in the form of heat from one environment (air) to another (water). This process is generated through the change of state from gas to liquid of a refrigerant fluid by means of ambient temperature and with the help of a compressor.

This makes heat pumps a really affordable option compared to other pool heating systems.

Electric pool heaters

These air conditioning systems are made up of electrical resistors that are heated by current. Its operation is simple, the cold water will circulate through the resistance, heating up and going out again towards the pool.

Electric pool heaters are one of the heating systems that heat the pool water faster. They are simple equipment, small in size and easy to install. They have a high efficiency compared to a somewhat high consumption, which is why they are usually used for small pools or secondary residences.

Heat exchangers

They are designed to transfer heat from an indoor heating system to the pool water. Therefore, it is a great alternative for those cases in which the domestic heating is located near the pool and has sufficient power.

It is essential to have a boiler and that it is located near the pool's technical room. However, it should be noted that the type of boiler will not be decisive. The heat exchangers work without problem with oil, gas or even heat pump boilers. The only thing that has to be taken into account is that the power is sufficient.